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Finally, now you can get hands-on Biblical training in your home, even if you feel totally overwhelmed and like you have no time.

Introducing the first program of it's kind...

Now you can get video based mentoring in the specific areas you most need help in.


Sign up for this one of a kind online training academy to get the help in your home that you need!

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January's New Challenge!!

We are introducing something FUN and NEW to the academy. Each month of 2019, we are going to work through a different monthly challenge!

Want to work on your relationship with the Lord? 

January will be our very first monthly challenge month! You will get a PDF packet with all of January's challenge stuff. For January we will be focusing on "your relationship with the Lord". 

We will be working together specifically on Bible reading and prayer: finding good routines for those things and how to stick with them!! In your challenge packet you will get: 

  • A  course focus of the month (Jan. will be the spiritual disciplines course inside MHM)
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly challenges around topic
  • Scripture backgrounds for your computer and phone
  • Scripture memory cards to go along with the theme
  • Group accountability and check ins and more!! 

Each month we will have a new focus. The tentative plans are February: Praying for your marriage, March: Your Health, April: In the kitchen, and May: Relationships/friendships! I will release the official monthly challenges for the year SOON!  


Do you struggle in managing your home? OR knowing what to make a priority within your day?

Hi, my name is Jami Balmet and I'm all too familiar with the crushing feeling of being overwhelmed, alone, and even defeated in knowing how to care for and manage my home.

When I first got married, I was an excited and enthusiastic new wife, ready to make a home out of our tiny one bedroom apartment.

But I was far from prepared to manage a home. I was never taught (or frankly had interest in learning) how to cook, how to keep up on cleaning, how to effectively plan my time, or even what a godly marriage looks like.

So as a result, I've spent over 10 years exploring my homemaking. Digging into God's Word to discover what we should be spending our time on each day.


What does it mean to run and manage a Gospel-Centered Home?

And most of all, how in the world do I manage it all without getting overwhelmed, burnt-out, and feeling like a total failure?

How do I discover (and create) Joy, Peace, and Tranquility within my home for God's Glory?

Throughout my journey, I've read dozens of books on the subject, interviewed countless ladies, been mentored by wise women, and studied relentlessly.

And while I still have so much to learn, and so far to grow in my own personal journey, this is what led me to launch my blog and podcast - Young Wife's Guide - in 2012. And later our ministry -Homemaking Ministries.

And throughout the thousands of conversations, emails, and prayers ... an idea was born.

What if I could bring together Titus 2 mentors who teach practical homemaking skills from a Gospel-rooted framework to help teach women like myself, the skills and wisdom I was so desperately seeking?

Then three years ago, this idea, this humungous dream, was born ...


Register Today - Here's what you get:

  • 22 FULL courses on homemaking
  • 75+ practical video lessons
  • Titus 2 Mentors to guide you through the courses
  • Join our private Facebook group for accountability and encouragement
  • Printables & Worksheets throughout
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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our yearly homemaking conference is here to stay. We will continue to focus on building community and providing encouragement each year. This academy exists for those wanting to go deeper! If you want practical and step by step training from our mentors -this academy is for you! We've designed both the academy and the conference so that you can go through both, and in fact, many of our members do! 

Yes! While there are two courses on marriage in the academy and parenting courses coming soon, the rest of the academy is open ended. We intentionally designed the courses so that anyone can take and use the courses within their home. Each of us has slightly unique situations, as do our mentors which provides a variety of perspectives. 

No, all you need is an internet connection and speakers or headphones. The academy lessons will be able to play right from your internet browser. You can also watch on a smart phone, tablet, or any other device with an internet connection. We've also provided smaller audio files for each lesson so you can download and listen to them of/line if you desire. 

Yes on each lesson page, there is a download link for either the audio version or video version of each video lesson. You can download each lesson to your computer, smart phone, or tablet and watch of/line anytime. 

Forever! We want you to have complete access to this academy - to watch again and again if you want. You will have access to the full academy as long as you wish AND all future updates and courses we add! 

The registration fee you pay today is a one time fee. You will never again have to pay for access to the academy! Once you register, you will have full and complete lifetime access to the academy -and all future updates!  (Unless of course you opt for the payment plan, then you will pay monthly until it's paid in full and THEN never pay again!!) 


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