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5 Simple Ways to Enjoy the Word

Do you want to learn how to enjoy God's Word more?

Has it been a while and you need the motivation to pick up the Word and dig in? Or maybe you have a habit formed, but you find yourself with lackluster feelings about studying it?

In this free eKit teacher and Bible study author, Katie Orr, shares 5 ways we can begin to enjoy the Word again (or for the first time)!

Her aim is to get you to have a mind shift from "I have to do this" to "I get to do this"!

How would your time with the Lord change if you started seeing it as a privilege? As a joy? And worthy of your time and attention?

Join Katie Orr and learn how to dive deeper into God's Word...and enjoy it along the way!

It's easy to get wrapped up in the details. We worry that we are not spending enough time in God's Word. We don't know if the method we are using is the correct one. We struggle to know how to go deeper.

It can all be overwhelming can't it?

That's why Katie wants to give you simple and easy suggestions to implement into your busy day! Join us today for this free kit and jump in right away!

You will get:
- Pdf guide
- Video by Katie
- Scripture art print

5 Simple Ways to Enjoy the Word

Learn how to enjoy God's Word while going deeper (without necessarily spending more time) with our brand new free eKit!