Spiritual Disciplines Binders

I have been wanting to create a Spiritual Disciple binder for a while. On my blog and podcast I’ve been concentrating a lot this year on cultivating the spiritual disciplines in my life. So things like Bible reading, Scripture memorization, prayer, and so on.

And I've felt like I needed a good solution for keeping track of things (because with four kids, I can't seem to keep track of anything in my head)! 

Introducing my brand new Spiritual Disciplines Binders

The Spiritual Disciplines binders have everything you need to keep track of sermon notes, journaling pages, prayers, track your daily Bible reading and more. 

Take Your Pick of TWO Designs: 

Because I now everyone has their own unique style and taste, I've created the Spiritual Discipline binder in two different designs. Partly because I just couldn't decide which version I liked better. 

Each page is exactly the same, but with it's own theme and design! You get access to both binders, pick which one you want to print out.

Each binder contains the same exact pages. So pick a binder or feel free to mix and match the pages. The pages include:

  • My Sermon Notes (To take with you to Church)
  • Prayer and application from the sermon
  • Daily Bible Reading (short spaces to jot down few points and prayers)
  • Daily Bible Reading (one sheet per day for in depth study)
  • Blank journaling page
  • Prayers page
  • Scripture I’m Memorizing This Week
  • Bible Reading Log (for the entire Bible)
  • Bible Reading Log (for when you read one book of the Bible everyday for a month)
  • and TWO bonus art prints!

Do you want a little help in organizing your Spiritual life? Do you need some help keeping track of your daily Bible reading plan or current prayer requests? 

Simply download, print, stick in your binder and you've got an instant helper! 

Plus, as an added bonus, I created two art prints for you! These make beautiful presents for fun art prints to hang around your home to help you focus on the Lord. 

Spiritual Disciplines Binders

Help organize your spiritual disciplines and keep track of everything with these beautifully designed Spiritual Disciplines binders! Choose between two different designs to help you keep track of daily Bible reading, current prayers, weekly sermon notes, and more.

$9.99 USD