Stop Running on Empty Audio Series

Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired, or burnt out?

Then I want to challenge you to start investing in YOURSELF.

And I've got the perfect tool to help encourage you to do so...

Listen at your own pace 

As a busy wife, mom, and homemaker I have VERY little time in my day to "invest in myself". Honestly, it's hard to even know what that looks like or where to start.

But after going through several years of exhaustion, burn-out, and waking up with a sense of dread at my to-do list for the day, I knew that I needed to change something. And slowly, over time, as I've taken 5 minutes here and there to invest in something for myself, I have rediscovered that joy in my home.

If I can fill up my own tank, every once in a while, then I have so much more to turn around and pour back into my family.

And that's exactly why I created the Stop Running on Empty Audio Series. Because I know how hard it is to begin taking care of yourself.

And I've created it to listen at your own pace! Download the 7 audio lessons or stream them online and listen while:

  • You do the dishes
  • Drive to the grocery store
  • Prepare dinner
  • Watch the kids play at the park
  • In snippets while you brush your teeth at night and get in your jammies

There are so many great opportunities to fit this into your day. All it takes is intentionality and finding small little 5 minute pockets in your day to really start investing in yourself!

Trust me - It's so worth it in the end and is just the thing you need to start digging yourself out of exhaustion, burn-out, overwhelm and to start truly thriving within your home.

In the series we talk about: 

  • Avoiding burn out and letting go of GUILT when we do invest a little in ourselves
  • Making time for what you love (in 15 minutes a day)
  • Taking care of yourself – exercise and eating well
  • Investing in your Spiritual Life
  • Giving yourself GRACE…especially when life falls apart
  • Wrapping it all together for God’s Glory!

Do you crave a little more energy, joy, and enthusiasm when facing your day? Do you wish that when you hear the kids stirring after their nap time, that you had the energy and focus to greet that sound with joy and energy to tackle the rest of your day instead of the dreaded 3 o’clock exhaustion?

This all starts with taking just a little bit of time to invest in yourself. I have learned this the hard way after 4 years of running around like a mad woman trying to get everything done…and then hitting a wall of tiredness, depression, and laziness. I want to greet my day with joy and energy!

Throughout this 7 part audio series, we are going to be diving into all the aspects of taking care of ourselves (and why this truly matters if we want to have a thriving home and relationship with the Lord).


This audio series has been a ton of fun to develop and something that I so desperately needed for myself! If you struggle with learning to invest a little time in yourself (or you have no idea what that even looks like), then this audio series would be perfect for you!

In Christ,
Jami Balmet
(Mom of two sets of twin boys and a baby girl on the way)

If you're looking for a little encouragement and guidance in investing in yourself, then don't wait to sign up today!

Stop Running on Empty Audio Series

Do you ever struggle investing in yourself? Do you feel run down and overwhelmed? Do you wish you could spend a little bit of time for yourself...without guilt?!?

If you struggle with any of this, this 7 part audio series will walk you through how to stop running on empty! 

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